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Hello everyone & welcome to Chatability!


Chatability is an all-inclusive, online community for students with disabilities enrolled in high school and post-secondary education across the world to connect, feel safe, make a difference, and fight for their rights.

Together, we can lessen disabled oppression, and bring accessibility awareness to all.

Chatability is designed for members with all kinds of disabilities, whether it is physical, cognitive, or mental health, or a combo of one of more of those. I do believe there is the need for separation between the type of disability, so as to respect the needs of each person, though ultimately we are all here for the same reason: to find common-ground understanding and empathy.

This space is meant to connect you with others who have disabilities, find mutual understanding in the difficulties of everyday life activities (Spoonies unite!), and collaborate on solutions for what we can do to push towards making real change for disabled rights. 

To learn more about Chatability, and what we have to offer, check out our About Us page!

Welcome to the community :)