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Here is the place where you can share personal stories, projects, and iniatives you're working on to conquer ableism.

May 7

It was so hard, to be honest. The first day at Disney World out of my 3wk roadie with my family, I requested the most pictures, mostly staying in my chair. I was comfortable, in considerably less pa
Feb 18

Hello everyone! I have been absent the last few days with QOTDs and general maintenance because my partner and I were reunited this weekend after 5 weeks apart! It can definitely be difficult dating s
Feb 14

Hello everyone! I'm sitting here working on some papers for school, and I just had a nice little idea that I thought could generate some good, regular discussion: Question(s) of the Day! I'll try my v
Oct 19, 2018

Last night I had the honour of walking for the incredible Lesley Hampton, whose fashion is about more than just creating art, but fighting social injustice. She is a warrior, and her #WolfpackStrong
Aug 8, 2018

Good evening spoonies! So as I mentioned in my last post here in Growing Space, I had an advice column once... which turned into an opinion column (almost half a year ago now)! This week for #TessaTa
Mar 13

https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/opinion-story/9218527-a-peterborough-student-s-relationship-with-personal-and-physical-grief/ This week's #TessaTakesCharge I open up to the public in a way
Feb 14

Good morning loves; happy Valentine's Day! (or Galentine's Day; or the-most-expensive-day-to-buy-flowers, depending on your stance!) In light of it being a love-obsessive day, I thought I'd go along w
Nov 21, 2018

https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/opinion-story/9041555-have-sympathy-peterborough-winter-is-tougher-for-people-with-disabilities/ GOOOOOOD AFTERNOON! You better believe I'm feelin spunky today
Sep 5, 2018

Yesterday, as apart of Trent't 2018 Orientation Week, Brave Space was held in Gzowski College! If you haven't seen the ads I was putting out in the 'Events' page here, Brave Space is a student-created