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Jul 10, 2018



Hi everyone! Welcome to Chatability. Please feel free to give an intro of yourself on this page & start connecting with others in the community. You are safe here & well supported!

I know I have already pretty much introduced myself in a lengthy way in the "About Us" page, but here's a couple personal things you may not know!

I love to write (and read)! I am very artistic, and love to take photographs, draw, and listen to music. I also play a couple instruments - including the drums, guitar, and piano.

I have two Goldendoodles, Rigby and Remmus, and I love being outside and soaking up the sun.

I hope this makes you feel like you know me a little better, now go ahead and introduce yourself if you are comfortable!

New Posts
  • My name’s Logan, I’m 20 years old and a second year undergrad at Trent University. I also happen to have an Autism Spectrum Disorder and my brain is just a general funky mess lol. It can be fun as well as annoying at times 😛 Anyway, I’m just putting it out here that if anyone who happens to be on the spectrum or has some other cognitive disability needs some guidance or support, I’m happy to help! 😃