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Mental Health

If you are a student who struggles with mental health issues, welcome to your place in our online community!

Oct 10, 2018

Being visually impaired one of my biggest struggles is just not being able to see what everyone else can see (duh), but one of the worse things is when you’re crossing a driveway and a car in pulling
Sep 5, 2018

Hi everyone! Welcome to Chatability. Please feel free to give an intro of yourself on this page & start connecting with others in the community. You are safe here & well supported! I know I have alrea
Sep 5, 2018

Good morning! So as I mentioned in my last post here in Growing Space, I had an advice column once... which turned into an opinion column (almost half a year ago now)! This week for #TessaTakesChar
Jul 12, 2018

I just thought, since this community is for you, but also for me, that it might interest some of you to know I am going in for a major eye surgery on July 13 (this Friday), to try and correct the cong