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Motivational Mondays

Meant to be interactive, #MotivationalMondays are posts from the admin & members to get the week started off right!

Feb 11

Happy Monday my friends! I am terribly sorry it's been a bit since I've lasted posted a #MotivationalMonday shtick; like a lot of students, my mental health has been getting the best of me. As some of
Oct 1, 2018

This past weekend was Homecoming at my University. I didn't go. A seemingly easy decision to make, it was hard to decide whether to go or not because I felt obligated just because of the word "home" -
Sep 24, 2018

I'm not sure how you're typically supposed to feel about having the privilege to see a Pain Team, but from my emotions right now, I'm feeling excited. Not in a way that might suggest optimism for a li
Sep 11, 2018

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER (I had actually written this post this morning, but am only just getting around to posting it now, as it's been a very hectic day). ~ ~ ~ Good morning everyone! Last w
Oct 15, 2018

Good morning everyone, and Happy Monday! Once again, I am terribly sorry for my absence the past two weeks almost. I suppose a part of my embodiment and trying to run this site single-handed (pun inte
Oct 1, 2018

Okay I get it, this is supposed to be motivational and rain is considered depressing, considering that you end up with the choice of remaining in the confines of your shelter or going outside and gett
Sep 18, 2018

Sometimes the only motivation there is, is just getting through the day. It is with such a heavy heart, that I must bring my sincerest apologies to the table for not being able to post a #Motivationa