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Events Near You!

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Check out our Facebook page to stay up-to-date: https://www.facebook.com/chatability/?modal=admin_todo_tour 

Chatability to be on-campus Organization at Trent University

Coming Soon to a campus near you...

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Trent University Peterborough Campus) is once again hosting this awesome, student-created event during Orientation Week called Brave Space. Brave Space is an activity created to allow marginalized groups in the community to come together and learn about allyship for different groups, or meet other people who fit their own group. There is a panel session for 45 minutes, in which we have four guest speakers to answer some pressing questions on social justice issues; after this, you are invited to join the variety of breakout sessions for the remaining two hours, and flow between groups as you please. The sessions available to attend are LGBTQ+, Indigenous, Accessibility, Mental Health, and People of Colour. I, (Tessa Smith) will be facilitating this year's Accessibility Session - which is brand new this year! This session will provide resources for students with disabilities, and a unique experiential learning experience for students without disabilities, but are interested in becoming allies. For more information, check out the event on our Facebook page!

Event at Trent University

Brave Space

tcsa colour run_photo.ad.jpg
Trent University (Peterborough campus) is hosting the TCSA's Annual Colour Run, which means some disappointment to those who are unable to physically run... But that's not an issue when the TCSA and Chatability team up together to create an AWESOME alternative while still participating.
Interested to know more? Click on the picture & check out what we have planned for you! (NOTE: You don't have to be a student at Trent to attend this event!)

Event at Trent University

Colour Run/Volunteer Option