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Become a part of the team

Chatability understands that a big part of accommodating the disabled community is understanding that presence isn't always possible in physical form.


So, we are looking for volunteers to help in social media (Facebook and Instagram) takeovers, features on themselves and others, and connecting Chatability to their respective schools / business / personal ambitions. No previous experience required, but please note that upon submitting your application there will be a Respect & Responsibility Policy for your acknowledgement & signature to ensure all posts remain respectful and non-discriminatory. 

Separately, we are looking for individuals who are interested in representing Chatability as official Ambassadors on their own social media pages, and in their communities. This would include participation in online discussions / live sessions with Tessa on Facebook and/or Instagram, possible attendance in any future public engagements, and more to come. Just as there will be with those who submit their information for volunteering, Ambassadorship Forms will be sent to you after your information has been reviewed. 

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, we want your perspective shared with everyone. The more diversity presented from one community, the better luck we have at making a real difference for each geographical location we're situated in. 

Thank you for your consideration in becoming a part of the Chatability team :)

Please Read Before Submitting!